Roundabout Pre-School


Up-date from the Committee Oct 2021

Dear parents and carers,

We are writing to you with some up-dates from our last Committee meeting on Tuesday, 28 September 2021.

As you will be aware, Roundabout is run by a voluntary parent Committee which ensures that major decision making is in the hands of the parents who use the pre-school. Our Chair, Emily Smith took on the role in September 2019 and we are grateful for the two years she has steered us through a number of challenges, together with Charlotte Walker (as Treasurer) and Sarah Rayner (as Secretary). Emily has now stepped down from the role as Chairperson and Rebecca Leo has kindly agreed to take over. We would like to thank Emily for her time and commitment to Roundabout and are grateful that she has decided to remain on  the Committee. Also currently serving on the Committee are Felicity Thompson, Sara Healy, Hazel Morgan and Rhian Dimberline.

The Committee are responsible for reviewing policy and practice, for the employment and appraisal of staff members, for monitoring income and expenditure and for fundraising. Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, 4 November 2021, at 8pm in the portacabin. Roundabout can’t operate without a volunteer committee, so we actively encourage parents to take part in the running of the pre-school and to join the Committee. Being on the Committee is lots of fun and a great way to make a positive impact on how the pre-school is run. Please do not hesitate to speak with any of the Committee members mentioned above to find out more; not all members have a portfolio and any help, whether it is with fundraising, DIY or particular knowledge you can bring to the Committee from your area of expertise would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, the Committee recognises the importance of fair remuneration of our staff at Roundabout Pre-School and aims to remunerate all employees in line with the national living wage set by the Living Wage Foundation. Furthermore, Roundabout contributes towards staff pensions as part of the ‘automatic enrolment’ under the Pensions Act 2008. Taking into consideration also the increased running costs of Roundabout Pre-School, the Committee has decided to increase fees to £13.50 per session from 1st November 2021.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Roundabout Committee