Roundabout Pre-School


November 2020

I’d like to once again take the opportunity to congratulate our children on their fantastic behaviour, particularly with our new drop off and pick up routine, the children have adapted so well. It always heartens us when we see that our children feel happy and supported to come into Roundabout.

A message from the Committee

Hello everyone, hope you and your families are all alright, and have been OK in this latest lockdown. We are really pleased to be back in the portacabin this half term, thank you all so much for sticking with us in our move to The Scout Hut, and again now with our slightly different start and finish times. We will be holding our AGM over Zoom this half term, and we'd love to see you! If you'd like to join us and hear what's been going on behind the scenes in the last 12 months, please let Adele know and we'll make sure you have the details to join in.

Emily, Charlotte and Sarah

Roundabout Committee Chair, Treasurer and Secretary


We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all parents who have been active with the distance home learning on Tapestry. Your contributions have been truly amazing, and this has really helped the staff with keeping your child on track with their developmental learning. Please keep active by posting pictures and observations - they are lovely to see and read about what they are doing in their home environment.

You may also use Tapestry as a means of communicating with your child’s key person. We are very aware that it is difficult to have those conversations at drop off and pick up due to the current circumstances. If you wish to ask your child’s key person any questions, please put it on Tapestry and it will go directly to that staff member. Anything you post is confidential only I and your child’s key person that can see any messages on Tapestry.

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