Roundabout Pre-School


November 2018


I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our children on their fantastic behaviour, particularly when they come into Roundabout to begin a session. It always heartens us when we see that our children feel happy and supported to come into Roundabout. We are beginning to see some lovely bonds forming between new children and their peers, as well as the adults who care for them. For us at Roundabout, positive relationships is one of the most important factors in the care that we provide.


We had our Ofsted inspection in October and we are very proud to have been assessed as ‘good’ in every area (this is the second highest mark, the highest being ‘outstanding’). I would like to thank the Committee and all our staff for their work and support of Roundabout Pre-School during the inspection, as well as expressing our appreciation to the staff and Committee for their tireless commitment in striving for the best for our children.

One of the points which was raised during the inspection was that some of our parents did not know what interests and themes their child was taking part in whilst at Roundabout. This is shown on Tapestry, the online learning journal. We would like to encourage you to frequently visit your child’s learning journey on Tapestry as this shows your child’s interests and next steps. Your child’s keyperson updates Tapestry on a weekly basis with observations and photos. If you are having trouble accessing Tapestry or have forgotten your password, please speak to Adele or Alissia.

A hard copy of the Ofsted report will be displayed in the setting next to the register. You can also view our report by going on line to Roundabout latest Ofsted Report.

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