Roundabout Pre-School


July 2018

Welcome back to Roundabout for the final half term of the academic year.

A big welcome to our new children Beth, Molly and Linden who have recently started with us.

Now that the sun has started to make an appearance can I please remind parents to ensure that your child brings a sunhat and has an eight-hour protective sun cream on. I’m sure you can understand that our staff can not apply up to 30 different sun-creams on individual children; this would be very time consuming and any remaining sun cream on a practitioner’s hand could cause an allergy on another child.

At Roundabout, we take pride in ensuring that your child is well cared for, so if a child does attend Roundabout without sun cream they can go outdoors but only for up to twenty minutes in the morning and in the afternoon on sunny days.

It is with a very heavy heart that we say good bye to 32 of our children in July, we are very excited and confident that they will thrive and develop in their new schools.

Transition time

Transition to school will undoubtedly be our biggest priority this half term, for those children who are beginning a new journey into school in September. At circle time we have been practising lots of skills the children will need, such as saying ‘Good morning’ loudly and clearly to whoever is addressing them and sitting quietly using their listening skills. These things may seem trivial but by practising these rituals with our children, we are regularly giving them the opportunity to think and express how they are feeling about starting school.

We are also continuously encouraging and supporting our children with their independence skills such as putting on their own coat or jacket, fastening it as well as putting on their own shoes, washing and drying their hands, etc. Parents and carers: you could help by encouraging this at home.

Transition reports

All our staff will be writing their key children’s transition reports for the school leavers (for those lucky children who are staying, observations will continue, which you can view on ‘Tapestry’). Please speak to your child’s key person if you have worries or concerns regarding your child’s report. The bulk of the report will tell you where your child is currently at developmentally. This is taken from the observations that we have recorded for your child since they started at Roundabout.  The reports will be sent out to you and there is a section for parents/carers to fill in. Please remember to return your child’s report back to Roundabout once you have filled it in. I will put a slip on every child’s report with a reminder of the above and the date it must be back by.

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