Roundabout Pre-School


June 2016

Welcome back to Roundabout for the final half term of the academic year. What a speedy year it has been, all the staff and I are in agreement that it has flown by!!! We are extremely sad (but excited of course!) to be saying goodbye to 32 out of our current 47 children in July, so big changes are afoot!

Transition Time

Transition to school will undoubtedly be our biggest priority this half term, for those children who are beginning their school journey in September. At circle time we have been practising lots of the skills that the children will need – saying ‘Good morning’ loudly and clearly to whoever is addressing them, sitting with our legs crossed, backs straight, arms in our laps and with listening ears on!!! These things may seem a little trivial but by exploring these rituals with the children we are regularly giving the children the opportunity to think about and express how they are feeling about starting school. We have several books and powerpoint slideshows about ‘Starting School’ and these will be available to all of our children. 

As the half term progresses, we will be giving those children who are moving onto Newlaithes School the opportunity to visit the Reception classroom and outdoor areas by taking them over in small groups. We hope you can understand that this is quite a large undertaking on our part as we need to adhere to the correct staff ratios for out of setting trips, therefore taking at least two members of staff out of our setting. We place great importance on doing this, and we will do this as often as possible. However, these visits are in addition to the visits that you will have already arranged with the school. Please understand that we cannot take responsibility for the delivery, or the care of your child during visits which have been pre-arranged by you and Newlaithes School.

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