Roundabout Pre-School


October 2015

Well can you believe that September is over already?! All of our children are real ‘professionals’ at being part of Roundabout life and it’s only October!!

I’d like to once again take the opportunity to congratulate our children on their fantastic behaviour, particularly when they come into Roundabout to begin a session. It always heartens us when we see that our children feel happy and supported to come into Roundabout. We are beginning to see some lovely bonds forming between new children and their peers, as well as the adults who care for them. For us at Roundabout, positive relationships is one of the most important factors in the care that we provide.

Thank you to the many parents who have taken the time to come into setting to discuss their child’s starting point summary with their key person. These initial assessments of our new starters are absolutely vital in ensuring that we are getting to know our children effectively, and therefore able to meet their developmental needs as the term progresses. As a setting we place a huge emphasis on gaining as much knowledge as we can about the children’s lives at home, and without parental input we could not possibly make an accurate judgement on what our children’s interests and abilities are. Parents are continually asked for their input throughout the term and we are so grateful at how forthcoming you can be. We have added a new section to our termly summaries/assessments which is titled ‘Supporting future learning and development at home’. We hope that we can compile this section in conjunction with parents to provide our children with continuity in learning and development between home life and life at Roundabout.

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