Roundabout Pre-School


November 2015

November is well and truly underway and what a windy month it is turning out to be!!! We have had so many interesting Autumn activities going on over the last month – the children have been truly inspiring in what they have brought into the setting. We learn from them every day!

We have been exploring textures, colours and patterns (Maths – shape, space and measure) while discussing bonfire night and fireworks, (as well as discussing how we keep ourselves safe at bonfire/firework displays). We produced Halloween biscuits and chocolate apples (Physical development – moving and handling). Both of these activities allowed us to discuss healthy and unhealthy foods (Physical development – Health and Self-care), as well as putting children’s will power to the test!     (Personal, social and emotional development – managing feelings and behaviour).

Last week we have been supporting children to think about Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu Indian Festival, also known as the ‘Festival of Light’. We raised our children’s awareness/ appreciation of the Festival by creating our own ring of light and paper lanterns, (Understanding the world – people and communities, Communication and Language – Understanding). Charlotte has been creating Indian animals, made from prints of the children’s hands (Expressive art and design – Using media and material) and the children have added them to our Diwali ring of light. Debbie dressed up (any excuse!) in a beautiful Indian sari, and the children were able to think about how her clothes differed from the clothes that they are wearing. 

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