Roundabout Pre-School


May 2015

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to ask parents to have a look at home for any unused/unwanted digital cameras. At Roundabout (as you will know) we like to take lots of pictures of the children to put into their learning journeys. We would love for each practitioner to have a camera of their own to aid us in capturing all of those special learning moments. If you do come across a camera that you are willing to donate – please could you also donate the charger. Thankyou.

Are there any musicians amongst our family and carers community?! Although I would to like to think that we are talented workforce here at Roundabout(J), we do not have anyone who plays an instrument. Please speak to a member of our team if you are able to come in to play for us, or even just to show us an unusual musical instrument that you have at home.

Please could we ask that parents and carers stop leaving pushchairs and scooters in the cloakroom/ porch. We have so many children now at Roundabout that we just don’t have the room to accommodate such items, although I appreciate that we have been able to in the past.

Door opening at pick up time: Due to safeguarding issues that I feel have arisen as a result of opening the door for parents at varying times, I would ask parents to wait outside the door at pick up time until the doors are opened and manned by a member of staff at 2.55pm. Of course, if you need to pick your child up early then ring the bell and you will be let in and then out again by a member of staff. Recently we have had quite a lot of parents who begin to ring the doorbell from around 2.45pm but who are not picking up early. I’m sure you can appreciate that this is a very busy period of the day for the staff team and parents/ carers coming in at different times can cause a lot of disruption to our final circle time. Thankyou for your co-operation and understanding on this matter.

We are in desperate need of parents who want to be part of the Committee. We are looking for parents (preferably those who will have children staying with us for the following academic year) to fulfil the role of Committee Chair and Committee Secretary. These roles are vital (but hopefully enjoyable) in the smooth running of Roundabout. It’s important to remember that if we don’t have a fully functioning voluntary parent Committee at Roundabout then we cannot exist in the form that we currently do. So please help if you can, I would be pleased to speak to any interested people in more detail about what the roles entail.

Thanks again and I hope everybody has a lovely half term.

Kate (Roundabout Preschool Manager)