Roundabout Pre-School


Bun & cake sale with raffle (19th October 2018)

We will be holding a bun and cake sale combined with a raffle to win one of the best tasting chocolate cakes in Horsforth, which is baked to perfection by our lovely Debbie. The proceeds will contribute towards our outdoor writing shed. Please see a member of staff to purchase raffle tickets.

This will be a good opportunity for parents to meet each other, the staff and our Committee and get more involved in your child’s life at Roundabout, if you wish to.

Sponsor a plank (autumn 2018)     

We would like to invite parents, carers, grandparents, uncles & aunts, godparents, etc. to sponsor a slat/ plank of the writing shed.We would like to put the child’s first name on the plank and would look for £5 per slat/ plank; you can purchase more planks or donate more than £5 per plank. We will ask you to fill in a gift aid form with your donation as we are a charity and will be able to claim gift aid from HMRC.    

Brick Build (19th February - 23rd February 2018)

Our sponsored brickbuild took place between 19th and 23rd February 2018 and we raised £395.01 (including Gift Aid) which we used to up-date our home corner and to buy a changing station for our youngest children. The signed Rugby Shirt went to the Scarr family - well done!

Our thanks goes also to the Smith family for organising this amazing prize.