Roundabout Pre-School


November/ December 2019

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our children on their fantastic behaviour, particularly when they come into Roundabout to begin a session. It always heartens us when we see that our children feel happy and supported to come into Roundabout. We are beginning to see some lovely bonds forming between new children and their peers, as well as the adults who care for them. For us at Roundabout, positive relationships are one of the most important factors in the care that we provide.

Updating personal details

Please would all parents ensure that we have the correct contact details for all of those who are named as contacts on your child’s enrolment form. If you have recently moved to a new house or changed any contact numbers, please let Adele know as soon as possible. It is vital that we can contact you efficiently should the need arise.


Please could we ask for all lunchboxes to be labelled on the outside – we often have several duplicate lunchboxes and clear labelling helps to avoid confusion, amongst adults as well as children!!! It is also extremely important to us all that our children are receiving a balanced diet. We would ask that parents only put one sweet/treat item into lunchboxes to aid us in promoting healthy eating choices.

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