Roundabout Pre-School


Brick Build (27th February - 3rd March 2017)

Our sponsored brickbuild took place between 27th February and 3rd March 2017! We raised £967.38 which we will use to up-date our home and dressing up area. The prize for the family of the child who raised the most money goes to the Walkers - Congratulations!


Horsforth Gala (24 June 2017, noon – 4.30pm, Hall Park)

The anual Horsforth Gala will take place in Hall Park on Saturday, 24 June 2017. We will collect prizes, books and ballons for our stand nearer the time. Please keep the date free in your diary as we will need parents to help setting up and taking everything down as well as manning the stand, usually just for one hour though.

Last year's stand was a great success: we raised £146.95 and promoted our charity in the community. We are grateful to all the members of staff, parents and committee members who helped to set up and man the stand as well as the talented face painters.