Roundabout Pre-School


Sponsor a plank for the new writing shed   

We would like to invite parents, carers, grandparents, uncles & aunts, godparents, etc. to sponsor a slat/ plank of the writing shed.We would like to put the child’s first name on the plank and would look for £5 per slat/ plank; you can purchase more planks or donate more than £5 per plank. We will ask you to fill in a gift aid form with your donation as we are a charity and will be able to claim gift aid from HMRC.    

Brick Build (26th February - 4th March 2019)

Throughout the week all children will take part in a challenge to see how many wooden bricks they can stack on top of each other to make a tower. Prior to the event we will be sending sponsorship forms home with the children – so please get as many sponsors as possible. We would love to raise money which will be going towards our outdoor writing shed. As well as the setting raising money the children will also be learning new mathematical language, sequencing, counting and ordering as part of their developmental journey. Photos will be taken of your child with their creations and will be uploaded to your child’s Tapestry account.